Black Beer Overdose 
In the midst of December in Ypres, a tiny little war town in Belgium, held The Black Beer Fest. All black beer lovers paradise. 2 days filled with more than 200 different dark beers.
Stouts, porters, sours, black IPA’s, etc. To me it was the first big beer fest to see from the other side of the counter. As well as the first 2 days involving tasting so many different dark beers. By the end of day one I was in desperate need of a glass of anything light and I wasn’t alone in my struggles.
One of the organizers was a local craft bar Kaffee Bazaar and they did an excellent job. Venue was awesome, enough room and you could see everyone without having to go on a search mission to find a certain brewery. In the middle of the floor there was a huge black beer bar, where you could taste different products and around the venue stood all of the brewers. No separation walls or hiding from people. Everyone side by side friendly and helping each other out. 33 breweries were present including names like Uiltje, Monyo. Alvinne, Zmajska, Pyynikin, in Peccatum, etc. You can find the event on Untapped Verified venues as well, to get a better idea of what was served. Only thing that bothered me a little was the lack of music in the background, but as I was told it’s a hassle and very expensive to do this in Belgium. I’m also afraid that the visitor outcome was a bit too small since there is still no news about the same festival happening in 2019. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed, hoping that they will do it again.
Overall these were 2 awesome days of living in a happy bubble. So many new beers, and amazing new people to meet from brewers to visitors. Some of whom we have still stayed in contact with. Those evenings after the festivals where we did those “Give me something light, I don’t care what it is as long as it’s light” nights. All those laughs and eating cheap pizza, cause it’s the only place in town still open and a lot of walking because there’s no Uber and only 1 taxi company in town. One of the locals gave us a city tour before our flight back home and that was just priceless. The tiny town has so many beautiful places to visit and the bars and restaurants that a tourist just can’t find with food and drinks to kill for. There’s so much more to explore and I will be back there. If not for the Black Beer Fest then just for the city.
Thank you again for my lovely bubble! Even tho I couldn’t tase another black beer for a few weeks after that.