Where it starts? (Again)
 I have started this so many times it feels stupid to do it again. But time and time again I find myself thinking that I must do this. What the hell is this? 
Well, it started with me: 
1) Hoping to make a profit on my sommelier studies - Turns out my marketing skills are shitty, so that died.
2) Deciding that I'm obviously the smartest person to talk about booze in technical terms - Didn't take long for me to figure out that's not true and I have loads to learn.
3) Went from wine to craft beer. So much awesomeness to discover! - Think that held up the longest. Like a month or so. Reading those things back, I am having trouble concentrating on what I wanted to say, pretty sure it's a puzzle for anyone else.
So welcome to the present!
 I'm still a sommelier, I am paying my bills with my skillset, I'm a little smarter, I am in the craft beer world... And I still feel like I want to do this.
So here it goes - again. Tho I promise this time it's gonna be rather fun & short (hopefully somewhat helpful too)