What a fox
Rebane of Fox in English.
It's a slightly hidden beer bar in Tallinn old town. If you haven't heard from it, it's gonna be a bit tricky to find. And when I say a beer bar I should rather say Lehe Brewery Tap room.
Interior wise it's surprisingly rustic. But give it some time and you'll start to understand why it works. Bohemian, easy going and fun.
The place opens at 8 PM and goes well into morning hours with closing around 3 or 4 AM. Bar gets busier around 1 AM so if you wanna have a longer chat with the staff aim your visit. 
Service wise it's fun and very personal. Do not expect over the top politeness. Rather get your own panties out of a twist and relax a little. You'll get what you want and if you don't know what you want they'll help you choose.
Customer base wise it's  rather a gathering of younger beer lovers. Some beer geeks here too, but if you're looking for more of thous step in through the next door to Koht and you'll find plenty.
Pricing is around 3,5 -5 €. Of course you can spend way more for some freaky beers like a 20% vol I am What I am.
When planning a Tap room bar growl be sure to go there as well. If you want more info about where else to growl, ask via fb messenger.