Veggies are some of the most undervalued foods when it comes to pairing with beverages. At least that’s what it seams like in a world of meat eaters. We usually start our pairing choices focusing on the meat and sauce, accompanied by how it’s made. Veggies tend to come in the picture just as a side to finish of a perfect combo.
With increasing number of vegetarian and vegan dishes served by restaurants and food truck, not to mention home cooking, it’s time to focus on these versatile tastes and the amazing world of vegetables. This type of food is influenced by how it’s made more than any other. We all know the difference between a raw carrot and a sautéed carrot, or grilled zucchini vs zucchini noodles - you get where I’m going with this?
I’ve made a cheat sheet for you to look at in order to help you serve the most amazing vegetarian dishes. Keep in mind, this is just one option of many. As you grow your wine tasting skills it’ll be easier to start experimenting with similar tastes, but different grapes.

PS! If you really have to choose one white or one red to go with your roasted mixed veggies I'd go with Merlot or New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, but do try to step out of the box and give the other pairings a go!

If you’d like to support me on this journey and have a tiny reminder in your kitchen. Maybe it’ll bring about inspiration to cook something new and delicious, or motivate you to taste that new wine that you haven’t tasted before. 
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