Haven’t done a product review in ages, but this one deserves one. More than 1 actually, bet I’ll leave the rest to you.
Combining my love for the country of Austria - it’s nature and magic with my unstoppable love for booze. From Wachau, the home of Grüner Veltliners. Between vineyards and cliffs. Mystical forests and romantic landscape, the men behind WILDSTUECK gin bring you a true taste experience.
This rustic, powerful, exiting taste explosion consists of 10 botanicals and apparently no cucumbers, as they say. Promising rosemary, lemon verbena, lavender and apricot. It truly is crisp and full of nature, heavy on juniper and unfiltered - it just keeps on surprising you.

It comes in a clay bottle with a glass stopper and waxed. They promise all bottles are stamped by hand and production is done together with friends, over the weekend. A true craft gin, a true premium and a honestly an awesome company - at least that what it looks like
DO NOT mix it with some sugary cheap tonic. I’m sure if you do decide to buy this one, you already prefer premium tonics as well. The price is on the higher side, but totally worth it, considering the experience you get. Drink it as a cocktail, but don’t water it down. Better yet serve it on the rocks with a hint of lemon and enjoy the spring sun on the terrace.
It was so fascinating that I just had to go and see their webpage and social media. That alone can suck you in and summon your inner forest fairy. 

Go check them out:
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