Does pork go with red or white? And the argument starts… I say it goes with both.
Pork is a very versatile meat, that can be given thousands of different faces with various cooking styles, seasonings and side dishes. All of which play a huge role while finding a perfect wine to pair it with.​​​​​​​
Riesling is always a certain way to go, but you can go a lot more complex and entertaining. Same goes for the reds. Pinot Noir will not fail you with pork, but there are loads of awesome alternatives to try.
Keep in mind that fat wants acidity, spice asks for fruits and complex tastes want something similarly complex to go with. And sauce can change the whole pairing experience and so on.
Nevertheless I have some alternatives for you to experiment with. You can slap another magnet on your fridge and make a more thought through selection for you next set of home cooked pork chops.​​​​​​​
PS! If you make the sauce with the same wine you plan on serving the match will go even better.
 Tho you run the risk of drinking the wine while you cook. 
So better get 2 bottles
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