Where craft & culinary meet
This small little country called Estonia and even smaller capital city of Tallinn, where I happen to have the privilege to live in, is a fantastic tourist hub. Specially when it comes to restaurants and craft beverages. After working in the restaurant industry for 15 years, it’s wondrous to sit on the opposite side of the table for a change. Experiencing what the food scene has to offer.
Saturday evening was spent in Koma - a hip restaurant in Kalamaja region, dedicated to great food and awesome beers. Estonia is finally taking steps towards food & beer pairing. 6 courses with 6 beers to compliment them. Well, in reality we started with a complimentary sea buckthorn and beer cocktail and ended our evening with a sip of 22% vol beer as a digestive. Menu itself was inspired by seasonal local ingredients. Loads of fermentation and vegetables. Food and pairing wise my favourite without a doubt was Lamb with rutabaga served with Anderson’s Session IPA “Knights who say ne”. Some pairings are just meant to be. Complimenting each other in ways that make 2 absolutely gorgeous tastes melt into one marvelous meal. I could go on and on about the food and beers, but the conclusion will remain the same. The atmosphere at the restaurant is cozy, staff friendly and professional. Chefs are willed to execute their culinary ambitions and the outcome is just what it has to be. You get what you were looking for and then some. PS! the pate they serve with bread is to die for.
Must say it’s one of the best places to go to taste beer cocktails. Specifically ask for old classics with a craft beer twist. Be it an espresso martini or whiskey sour. 
If good food and craft beer is on your must have list when visiting Tallinn, make sure you book a table for Koma. Let the staff take care of you, let them surprise you. When traveling with a bigger group ask them to offer you a set menu with paired beers. You won’t be disappointed.