Never Drink Alone
Unless it's a Monday. 
Mondays are a perfect excuse to do all the things that are considered bad or childish or whatever. Have a pint of ice-cream - probably shouldn't, but hey it's Monday, a very blue Monday.
Let's get something straight. First of all it's not Monday that's at fault here, secondly you lack all kinds of self discipline and thirdly maybe you should work on that being blue issue.
In my case I wanted something sweet but was too lazy to drag my ass out of the house to actually go and get something. Due to the horrific fact that in my kitchen, there live these tiny creatures that seem to eat even the smallest sweets that I ever bring home in attempt to prepare for cravings like todays. I've never seen them, but they must be real.
As a proper Lady should, the other half of my fridge (you know, the one not reserved for sweets) is filled with beer. Therefor in a very lady like manner I opened a bottle. Society might call me an alcoholic for drinking alone. Well, society tends to call me a little crazy too. I guess you win some, you lose some.
Anyways, the beer I opened was a Raspberry Porter called Punane ja Must. or Red and Black - for those of you not understanding Estonian. Has 7% vol. Comes with an awesome black and red label - I see what you did there! Taste wise it's a light, easy to drink porter. Hint of chocolate, I mean dark chocolate followed by fresh raspberries. Feminine, easy going kinda like a 20 something girl. Fresh, sweet and maybe just a little naive still.
My sweet tooth is happy. My word wonderings have been satisfied and you might have a new beer to taste.