I wanna be like her when I grow up
In a slightly hidden spot in the Unesco heritage Old Town of Tallinn, there is a door that reads “The place is open unless it’s closed”. That my friends, is a secret passageway to the go to craft bar in whole of Estonia.
Feels and looks like a proper old school beer bar, slightly hectic and filled with true beer lovers and regular customers. Stepping in for the first time, you might get a glance of “who are you?”, but don’t let that fool you. Since the bar is tiny most regulars are used to seeing the same faces. You will be welcomed and treated well.
They stock around 900+ different beers. You will get what you want, even when you have no idea what that is. Staff is knowledgeable and honest. To me this is The No Bullshit zone. Sitting at the bar looking in the fridges and shelves I’m still amazed they know where to find everything, but they do. Behind it all is the owner of the place. A true Grand Lady of craft beer. I would love to pick her brain, cause the amount of knowledge she has is incredible, the way she trains her staff and the presence she has. She reads people, you can go in and say you want a beer and she’ll manage to get you something you never even would have known to ask. Plus, I’m pretty sure I’m never gonna taste the same amount of different beers she has tasted, I should have started years earlier. I wanna be like her when I grow up!
Koht makes you feel at home and time starts to flow in such way, that all of a sudden it’s 2AM and you planned on going for just one drink.
Dear craft beer tourism fans. Do not and I repeat, do not forget to go there when in Tallinn!