Don't feed pearls to pigs
Can you feel the excitement in the room whenever someone opens a bottle of champagne? Be careful, it might get you addicted! And one thing champagne is not easy on is your wallet. For a good reason at that. It’s difficult to make, but when it’s made well - it’s pure heaven.
It enchants everything and it brings a special kind of magic to the moments you find yourself in. “In victory one deserves it. In defeat one needs it” and that’s exactly how this hand made bubbly drug works. A perfect celebration drink and when you’re low, there’s nothing better than a bottle shared with a friend to get you back on track. 
I love the non-vintages. Well, I love the vintages too, don’t get me wrong. But the non-vintages show the character of the champagne house and to me, tells a great story how the house sees itself and for what occasion their champagne is best suited for.
Go to the store and start discovering. Stir yourself away from the mainstream mass production and find the tiny houses you know less about. It’s easy with champagne. If the bottle has the word on the label it’s from the right region and made with the right methods. No-one else in the world can sell their sparkling as champagne. So go crazy, go bananas and taste the ones you’ve heard little to nothing about. You’ll experience so many different styles and they tend to be a little less expensive. 
On our girls night out we decided to uncork a bottle of Nicolas Feuillatte Selection Brut. A very nicely  priced non-vintage. Perfect to start the night or continue throughout the evening. Fresh, crisp, light, feminine, floral and fruity with a great bubble texture. It won’t overpower and it’s easy to drink. 
I’m a firm believer that there’s not much point in serving champagne to people who do not know how to appreciate it. This non-vintage is a great option to introduce the world of champagne to new bubbly lovers. Helping to ease them into this magical world.
Be honest, if you pour out a glass of lets say Krug Grand Cuvee to someone who’s used to drinking proseccos on there fruity side, you’ll probably scare them away and make them wonder what the fuzz is about when it comes to champagne. 
So go explore and let your newly found addiction settle in little by little.