Look what I found in my cupboard.
Been drifting away from beer lately, but these dark autumn nights call for something full, smooth and tasteful.
One of my all time favourites from stout section has been Lehe Breweries Darkest hour before the dawn - a barrel aged maple and tonka bean  stout. It’s like liquid cake on your tongue. An explosion of taste. Sweet but masculine. One of those beers that you should take your sweet time to enjoy. And one that you do not wish to share.
Perfect for a night by the fire with your favourite book. Black as can be, sticky as ever and so full of taste it’ll be tricky to find what to drink next.

Here’s what the brewery says:
“In the darkest hour before dawn, when it feels like light is gone forever, we are carrying the fire. This tiny spark in our hearts is carrying the light and the warmth for the entire world until the sun will set again.
“The Darkest Hour Before the Dawn” is pitch black barrel aged imperial stout whose dark exterior hides shiny hope from maple syrup and tonka beans.”

If you can find it, try it!
10,5% vol. Mind you, it’s alcohol we’re talking about.
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