Must try from Estonian craft
It’s not easy to surprise me with new tastes. Half the time they tend to be just meh. But oh those moments, when I do come across them great ones. You know, that first sip that makes your eyes get a little bigger and brings a smile to your face while your mind goes: “Hey, that’s really good.” Then you sit there in that tiny blissful moment and enjoy what’s right there in front of you. It’s all about those small moments.
So here’s the list of my latest happy moments. Provided by Estonian craft brewers. The ones that I’m more than happy to recommend.​​​​​​​

Honey Triple, Kolk Brewery
Amber in color, low carbo, thin foam layer. Slight caramel and malty notes in first nose. Hints of honey and spiciness. Not overly aromatic. Medium + body, nice bitterness. Well balanced with sweetness. A proper Belgian style triple. 9,5 ABV. So be careful. Enjoy on chill summer evening at a bar on wait for those colorful autumn days. Pair it with pizza or honey glazed ham. Grilled meats with sweeter nots work well too.
You can find it at specialized beer stores and bars around Tallinn. I’d suggest you buy more than 1 bottle and save yourself another trip to the store.​​​​​​​

Apricot & yellow plum Sour Ale, Tanker Brewery
This sour ball of awesomeness has hunted me since Tallinn Craft Beer Fest early this spring. Hazy shades of yellow meet your eye. Yeasty and brioch like aromas are the first to hit your nose. First taste gives you the lovely bouquet of ripe yellow fruits. Just as the bottle promised. Sourness kicks in mid taste and lingers on in aftertaste. It won’t make you squint, but it will welcome you on a journey for your tastebuds. There’s so much going on there you can find something new in every sip. So much to discover and you’ll have plenty of time to do so. It comes in 0,375 bottles. ABV has landed at 6. Drink it chilled. Can somebody please bring me a slice of apricot pie?​​​​​​​

BA Imperial Stout, Käbliku craft beer
This heavy pitch black 12,2 ABV is surprisingly mellow on the nose. But the taste, oh dear. Silky mouthfeel, sweet dark chocolate notes combine so well with the burnt whiskey barrel notes. You can taste the 12,2%. It’s masculine yet so well balanced. Perfect gift for any whiskey lover. Serve it with black rye bread gratinate meets or a heavy game meat stew. Or just sit back, relax next to the fireplace and enjoy the moment.

I’m so delighted that Estonian Craft beer scene has loads to offer. Hope you’ll get to taste these. Totally worth it!