Mr Bacchus, 
I salute you for the visit
I love surprises… lately. For years I never knew how to react to situations that I wasn’t expecting. A need for control in my life has always been something I held on to. It made me feel safe. Then all of a sudden my life got turned upside down. This has opened my eyes to seeing the beauty in uncertainty. So whatever comes comes and it makes life so much more fun.
Not to mention the positive feeling it gives the surpriser. Mr Bacchus from Belgium wound up at my door as unexpectedly as any proper surprise should. A prince charming finding you, not you desperately searching for them. Long story short a friend, who I somehow have inspired to take the smallest steps into the beer world, brought me a bottle.
From the classic design to a fruity body. What I like about this is the fact that even tho it has it’s fruitiness it’s not overwhelmingly sweet. Having this precise balance and a lovely body to it. Full cherry aromas, but still a beer. A Kriek like a Kriek should be. Makes you a little nostalgic. Taking you back to grannies house with the cherry trees. Spring blossoms filling the air with floral aromas while the warm sun soothes your skin, giving your cheeks that first little sun kissed feel. Your childish restlessness taking over and not letting the cherries get their full ripeness. So you pick them early and get that sour taste. 
Serve it to people who have not yet discovered the world of beer. Serve it with fruit salads or light fruity desserts. Take a gold bottle to a picnic to melt your crush’s heart or enjoy it on a hot summers day.