Kolk Brewery 
Sourdough Sour 
5% vol
“A beer from yesterdays sourdough bread”

A collab between Fotografiska and Kolk Brewery. Brewed with yesterday’s sourdough crumbs using mixed fermentation of lactobacillus and ale yeast.

Your glass will be filled with a clean, crisp amber coloured beer with a thick white foam covering the top. Tiny bubbles making their way to the surface and a lovely crackling sound to accompany your anticipation.

Even before you put your nose to the glass you will smell the mouthwatering fruity yet brioche like pastry notes. Move the beer around a bit and find notes of peach, white currants, yellow plum skins and bread crumbs.

First taste brings fruity acidity. Mid taste gives you classical sourdough bread, think the outside crispy layer of the bread. Small bubbles tingle your tongue and linger on. As it warms in the glass you will get more bread like complex notes to balance out the fruity acidity in primary taste. It’s refreshing and it’s interesting. Every sip gives you something new to discover.

Drink it fresh and always drink it from a glass. Otherwise you’ll lose so much of the complex aromas and taste. Serve at 5-8°C. The cooler it is the more acidic it’ll taste.

Food pairing:
Mixed fermentation gives this sour beer it’s distinct aroma. Leaving you wondering between fruity acidity and pastry like nuances. A beer that will offer you something to find with every new sip as it opens and develops in your glass - from breathing to temperature changes. Step on board, take a moment and discover. It won’t shock you, but it will take you on a pleasant ride. Drink it by itself or serve it with heavier sauces, meat stews, pulled meats or make it funky and order a slice of classic New York cheesecake with some peach or yellow plum on the side.​​​​​​​
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