Ever noticed how most restaurants tend to suggest a red Bordeaux to go with your steak no matter what cut you order? Don’t get me wrong I love me a good Bordeaux, but there are so many other options to try.
So I made you something. Something for all you guys working in restaurants struggling to find a good match or wishing to better your pairing skills - a cheat sheet, if you wish.
Or something for all you foodies & wine lovers out there. Planning on cooking an awesome ribeye, trying to figure out what wine to choose to make that dinner pop?
It’s a small reminder, a way to push you towards tasting new wines. Obviously how your dish is prepared, seasoned and what it’s served with plays a huge role and here are more options that go nicely as well, but let’s start from here.

Slap the magnet on your fridge, hang a poster for your staff in the wine room. Do a fun tasting with these wines. Offer something new to your guests and dust off your “nobody knows what’s in this bottle and what to serve it with” wines.

Go for it! What’s the worst that can happen?

You’ll learn something new.

Get your magnets & posters here
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