Be Careful What You Wish For
Yesterday was Valentine's. A day where happy couples spend time together and singles find a reason to get shitfaced - "I'm better off alone anyway" 2 hours later "Nobody loves me". But mostly it's a day you don't want to spend home alone. Kinda making it an awesome day for businesses. Some take it to the next level with performers and offers. Other go full on glitter and hearts.
 I, well apparently I set something in motion a few months back that escalated into a Valentine's special brew. To  be frank, I didn't realize that I did this until yesterday a customer at the bar walked up to me and told me that to get to know the story about the beer they should ask me, since it's my idea. So what is that idea?
It's a Hefeweissen with sour cherries. Think feminine, acidic, fruity and fresh. Drink it gold! Go for a hot summers day at the beach or a lazy afternoon on the porch. Where time stops and nothing aside from the moment you're having matters. Grab a tablespoon, take the creme brulee that you just made, caramelize the sugar and top it off with some raw cherry jam. Take a big spoonful, feel the fattiness covering your mouth, feel the sour sweetness from the jam and take a sip of beer to mix it all in. The fresh sour feel helps cut down the fattiness from the brulee, cherry from the beer starts to dance with the jam. Silky textures compliment each other and you end up with a moment of happiness. We have this saying in Estonian "Armastus käib kõhu kaudu" The love of food and the experiences  and emotions these tiniest little moments bring is pure.
But for a special occasion like Valentine's they went next level over the top. That lovely cherry hefe has glitter in it, and I mean a lot of glitter in it. The glitter is only in the few special Keg's that you can find at Rebane. So if you want to witness this pretty pretty site, you have until the end of the weekend to go and check it out yourself. Press the button below to find the place.
Glitter is a tricky bastard to get on camera, but it was mesmerizing to watch people just sitting and stirring their beer and losing themselves into the visual. So if you've never experienced this, you should. It's awesome.