It translates as water. An essential element for life, forever exploring, adapting and molding to its environment.

In the hip Kalamaja district in Tallinn, there lies a small hidden garden with a tiny kitchen and enough space to only seat 8. Everything is simple, yet in it’s simplicity it hides it’s magic. Once you get there, you’ll be forced to share your table with strangers and you’ll willingly accept what is offered. Not that they don’t want to offer you anything else. They just don’t have anything else to give. Let's be honest, what they have to offer is exactly why you’re sitting there to begin with.​​​​​​​

Oneega happens a few nights a month. It’s a dining experience. Focusing on local produce, seasonal freshness and culinary expertise. Therefore the menu is ever changing, it’s heart beating in sync with Mother Nature. Always a reason to go back.​​​​​​​

So while you’re sitting there in the kitchen, getting to witness how everything is made, Kyle - the star of the show - will be working in order to offer you his best. Kyle is a chef from New York and yes his view points and signature are different than what you would expect from your local chef. He has a passion for food and experience to show it. You know you’ll be getting 6 courses with paired beverages. You will, and then some. It’s a almost 3 hour rollercoaster for your tastebuds with each of the dishes accompanied by either alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage. I say beverage because most of the pairings are Estonian craft as well, so think berry wines, craft beer, etc. An experience - a dining experience.

I can promise you one thing. You’ll be well taken care of and it’ll be different and fun. Loads to learn about produce and preparation as well as local craft drink scene.
Learn more and book your seat at their website:​​​​​​​